Lodz clothing 2018 internal ordering hot in progress

Recently, "2018 Lodz clothing internal ordering activity" was held in Lodz group headquarters. Adhering to the product design concept of "creative Lodz, Fashion China", Lodz has designed and created a batch of the latest autumn and winter clothing in 2018, which will lead to the fashion trend, and will be intensively displayed in the activity.

This activity is a welfare activity to repay the employees, cooperative units, market customers, relatives and friends, so that friends who have long supported and loved Lodz can experience the unique charm of Lodz clothing at the first time.

Customers can try on-site, select, only need to pay part of the deposit, that is, can use the unimaginable internal "factory price" to order the latest clothing! The activity is still in hot progress. You can come to experience it directly with the electronic tickets below.

Address: East floor 4, Luozi group building, Dongyang village, Shiqi street, Haishu, Ningbo

Time: April 16-22, 2018