Brand History

Reconstruct the organizational structure of the company, make concerted efforts in three parts: clothing, business square and Trade City, and set off on a glorious journey!


"Top 10 brands of Chinese brand influence", "top 10 clothing suppliers of government procurement"

"Top 10 brands of business men's wear in China", "top 10 brands of professional tooling in China" and "AAA credit enterprise of national garment industry".


Build Lodz home trade city and carry out investment and operation in building materials market.


Invest to build Lodz Commercial Plaza, set foot in commercial retail industry, and become the southwest regional commercial center of Haishu District.


"Rose Lodz" trademark is recognized as "China famous trademark"


Lodz brand has won the title of famous trademark in China.


The Lodz industrial park with an area of 288 Mu has been built. The park is a modern fashion industrial park integrating clothing R & D, design, production, import and export trade, and it has become one of the larger ready-made garment processing bases in China.


 Got the honor certificate of “Zhejiang Province Top 100 enterprises”.


Won the national clothing industry “product sales” NO.13 of the top 100 enterprises, and the title of “National Inspection-Free Product”. 


He signed a contract with famous model Hu Bing and took the lead in hiring spokesmen in the clothing industry.


The national sales and market share have been ranking the top two in the whole room for years, and the "Lodz" series clothing has been sold all over the country and overseas, with good corporate image and excellent brand reputation.


The launch of the Rhodes "best cashmere shirt" with a price of 3880 yuan has caused a sensation in the industry and the press.


Rouse promoted to be into the group of “The China Top Brand”.


 Rouse Men’s Shirt was voted as “Chinese Quality Work”


Lodz is one of the large-scale and influential joint-stock private enterprises in the domestic clothing industry. Its main business is the clothing, commercial retail and building materials market. It integrates the design and development of series clothing, production, sales and foreign trade export. It has become one of the top 100 clothing enterprises in terms of sales, profit and tax.