Lodz apparel deepens reform with a new attitude, technology advances, and mode exploration, keeps pace with the development pulse of the intelligent era, explores new forms under new retail and new business formats, and opens new prospects for development. The Lodz Garment Technology Co., Ltd. was established by gathering elites and introducing advanced technology, with a registered capital of 300 million yuan.The new company inherits the fine traditions of Ningbo Red Gang Tailors. It is well-received and new, it adheres to the concept of "technology pioneer" and strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure the excellent quality of its products.The company always adheres to the "five combination" development thinking, and unswervingly follows the path of entrepreneurial innovation and scientific development, and actively creates "creative Lodz, brand Lodz, harmonious Lodz, and international Lodz" in the trend of intelligent technology.China, keep making progress, be brave in innovation, and move towards higher goals!