brand introduction
  • "ROUSE" is chosen as the symbol because its rising transliteration coincides with the entrepreneurial spirit of entrepreneurs. The growth road of rose is a period of rising road."ROUSE" is chosen as the logo, but also because the combination of its image reflects the enterprise philosophy and spirit of the people of los.First written by "ROUSE" of the "R" as the theme, is the R stroke image combination, R the vertical such as ancient Rome column of elegant solemn, from dynamic light spirit ribbon like silk in the flap of the east, the formation of the fusion of eastern and western style is unified, symbol overall activity union, the show is elegant, composed and moral solid growth rose group, forge ahead of innovation. At the same time, the logo is like a banner rising in the wind, symbolizing clothing's faith and pursuit leading the fashion trend.The logo style is simple and does not break showy affinity, fully embodies the dynamic, fashionable, modern characteristics of the apparel industry, in line with the constantly innovative way for the growth of the company.The whole logo USES dark green, the color is fresh and natural, rich in vitality, the implied meaning of rose career such as pine jin bai, forever standing at the peak;The meaning of green is eternal, which shows the persistence of rose's career and the constant pursuit of innovation.At the same time, the color is full of rhythm, dynamic, elegant, fine, the appropriate place to understand the market value of rouz products