Apparel brand joining

Franchise Conditions

1. Requirements for Franchisee

(1) Franchisee must be the holder of the chain store.

(2) Possess entrepreneurial spirit, constant enthusiasm and perseverance

(3) Have brand innovation awareness and long-term development vision.

(4) Able to personally take part in business operation and management.

(5) Healthy, good at cooperation

2. Requirement for funds

Based on the area of specialty store applied by the holder, the specialty store owner needs to have a certain amount of money in hand and for circulation.

3. The address and area requirement for specialty store

(1) Need to have the independent facade and business place nearby the main business streets of downtown area; floor space: 100-150 ㎡ or above for provincial capitals; no more than 60 ㎡ for prefecture-level city or below

(2) Need to equip with the relevant certificates for rights of use, such as property ownership certificate, certificate of title or leasing agreement.

(3) Need to provide the photos showing the position of store location and business street, area sector and architectural plan.

4. Management Capacity Requirement

(1) Need to submit market analysis report

(2) Specialty store business plan

Treatment for Franchise:

1. For any Rouse specialty store opening business after official approval, the group will send parts of light boxes and other business supplies according to the store area and location difference in provincial city, prefecture-level city or county-level city. Meanwhile, the group will help publish the congratulation advertisements for business opening for stores in provincial and prefecture-level cities, as well as present follower baskets.

2. Any the Rouse specialty store franchised by Rouse can get the franchise authority and license issued by Rouse Group.

3. The Rouse specialty store holder can regularly get the professional training in promotion planning and advertisement design offered by “Rouse”.

4. Rouse will offer the various professional consultation for the healthy operation of stores including promotion planning and advertisement design.

5. Rouse Group will invite the relevant managers, store owners or salesclerk of excellent performance to attend the annual “Rouse” product ordering meeting and training activities organized by the headquarter.

6. Rouse will give priority to providing new products for each quarter and service support to the authorized franchise specialty store, and will provide priority for its business development.

7. Rouse promises to exchange the all products with quality problems after confirmation.

1. Application Phase

(1) Index data

Applicant first ask the headquarter or branches to get the special Specialty Store Application Form for Rouse brand franchise and relevant picture albums or product brochures of Rouse Group.

(2) Submit participant information

Within 7 days after receiving the relevant materials, applicant should submit Natural State of Operation, Market Analysis Report, Specialty Store Business Plan formed filled in by the franchisee to the market department of headquarter or branches as reference.

2. Approval Phase

(1) Preliminary assessment phase

The headquarter or branches will conduct assessment after receiving the reference materials submitted by applicant and reply the franchisee within 2 days. When receiving the reply of initial confirmation, applicant can start contacting the stores for opening business and deadline no more than 20 days. After first confirmation of the store, the headquarter planning department will dispatch relevant personnel to survey on site and report to company within 3 days for the final assessment.    

(2) Application Approval Phase

After receiving the materials mentioned above, the headquarter will confirm the audit within 2 days. If all the conditions are aligned with demand, the application will be officially approved and headquarter will arrange store image design and make displaying props. The design manuscripts and props making budget will send to applicant for audition. If acceptable, franchisee shall confirm and sign on the files, and remit the funds to the headquarter company.

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